Welcome to Frankston Sand Soil & Mini Mix
Established 1993

Frankston Sand & Soil was established by John and Ben D’Abaco in 1993.   Later joined by John Rogerson and Floyd Ralston.

When you ring Frankston Sand Soil & Mini Mix Concrete an owner will be there to assist you.  Ben D’Abaco, John Rogerson and Floyd Ralston each have over 25 years in the Building, Construction, Landscaping and Transport Industry.

We supply & deliver a broad range of Landscaping and Construction products from our extensive series of Exposed Concrete mixes to Soils, Pebbles, Construction & Plumbing products.

Whether it’s the width of a truck, how much concrete you need or what type of soil to use in your garden, they are available 6 days a week to assist you.

Need to do some Landscaping or Upgrade your Garden ?

We are OPEN 6 Days a Week ! Call us on 9776 4111