Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the minimum clearance of the smallest delivery Tipping truck?
A: 2.4m high 2.6m wide.

Q: What is the smallest delivery?
A: We will deliver any quantity any where.

Q: How long do you give to unload a concrete truck?
A: 20 minutes.

Q: What areas are covered by deliveries?
A: Melbourne Metro and all surrounding areas.

Q: How much concrete do I need?
A: Length x Width x Depth;
e.g. (l)10m x (w)10m x (d)0.1m = 10m3

Q: What are your opening hours?
Monday – Friday 6.00am – 5pm
Saturday 6.00am – 1pm

Q: Do you cut bricks/pavers?
A: Yes we do

Q: Do you have Eftpos and Credit Card Facilities?
A: Yes

Q: Do you have coloured concrete?
A: Yes we have plain concrete, coloured concrete, and exposed aggregate concrete

Q: Do you have soil for garden beds?
A: Yes, screened topsoil for lawns, blended topsoil (with compost) for garden beds

Q: How do we apply for credit?
A:  Download “Credit Application Form”